Gone Fishin'


Taddy and FriendsPerhaps I should say we're gone huntin'.  We're taking our little boat, Boojum, up into the home waters of the Cadborosaurus.  Taddy (our own little wooden version) has recruited Minuet and Owly to help him find his "roots".  

Here they are…  ready for Adventure!

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June 25, 2009

Christine @ 9:33 am #

Wohoo! Love it that you have a blog! Love the Fantiny Owly and have lots of questions about the "Taddy" – do tell about him.

And that tiny cherry pit dolly in the header – more info please!

I know, I'm so demanding :)

Christine @ 10:18 am #

Oh my – I'm in love with Taddy @@ – will have to study him further. Looks like he is partly made from spare beads and/or wooden mannequin parts? Did you see the Mer-Bear I made a couple weeks ago?


I'm sure Taddy will inspire even more articulation..hee-hee!

February 17, 2010

Barbie @ 10:22 am #

All the dollies are quite. They are truly adorable. Such a beautiful blog. Thanks.

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